Growing up, we all had a favourite toy. Mine, was my camera.
It seldom left my side, and as the question, "Could you take a photograph?" became all too common at weddings, I thought to myself... Why not?

Emotions running wild at big, fat Indian weddings, give way to the sentimental fool in me, ever-ready to join in, shed a tear or frolic in good cheer – and take a few photographs while I’m at it!

I do not believe in orchestrating wedding photography - I'm all about the candid. I believe that a wedding unfolds as a story, which demands to be painted in all its pristine glory. Weaving my way through snippets of conversation, cracks of laughter, and the dazzle of jewels, I work best when I stay hidden in the crowds, shooting discreetly and unobtrusively.

The beauty of a wedding lies in the fleeting glimpses - in entwined fingers, whispered secrets, jubilant cheers, locked gazes, clandestine flashes and everything in between. I like to capture photographs that go beyond just the aesthetic appeal - to spark an emotion, flare a memory, and brew an element of mystery.